Our COOL 7 - 9 year old parties are full of fast paced games, more grown up comedy magic, plus a dash of "HOLIDAY PARK DANCES" These parties can be made even better if you book a little later in the day, or even on a Friday after school. It makes the children feel really grown up, that the are having a LATE party.

If there is a good mix of boys and girls, then we compete boys against girls, not only is a great fun, it can also help keep some of the older boys in check. As always the birthday child is made the center of attention.


Older Children At School


How To Plan The Perfect Party For Older Children.

Children grow up so fast nowadays, but it is important to remember that they are still children. Your child may say they want a disco, but experience tells me they will not dance, instead they will sit off in small groups around the edges, while you run round frantically trying to get them involved ! Don't panic, between us we can do this. Obviously you could book us for a full 2Hrs and relax, but if you fancy getting a little involved, then here is what to do. Older children's parties contain competitive games, music and magic. Balloon Motorbikes are made for prizes.

1. At the beginning of your party have their favorite music playing, as not all the guests will arrive at the start. At around 15 minutes you can play a game.

2. After 30 minutes the entertainer arrives for 1Hr

3. The entertainer will get the children sat down for their food at the end of the show.

4. Food, keep it simple, if you have access to a cooker, then pizza & hotdogs. If not a small table buffet works a treat.

5. Food takes no more than 15 minutes. so for the last section you can play one last game, before it is time to go home.

Simple !!

If you are having a Face Painter, then write a number on the back of each child's hand, this can be called out, so there is no needs for all the children to stand in a line waiting for their turn. They can join in and have fun for the full 2hr party.