These parties are fantastic. The children are just at the right age, they have lots of school friends and everything in the magical world is REAL! The Dozy Dave Magic Show will take the children on a crazy wild ride of Magic, Games, Dancing, Balloons and Stories.

Our Children's shows are jam-packed to keep the children involved from start to finish. The children all know they are at the party for to have fun and we make sure they do. The birthday child is made to feel like they are the star of the show. They are the first one to help with a magic trick, the first one in line for a game and if Dozy Dave is the entertainer, the birthday child is guaranteed to receive one of his famous Balloon Motorcycles.

We do play competitive games, but in a very structured way and don't allow the children to run wild and get hurt. Shows range from 1hr - 2hrs, or more.


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How To Plan The Perfect Party For Children.

At the beginning of the party, some of the children will arrive early and some will be late, you can assume that all children will be at the party within 15 minutes from the start. If you don't know the names of all the children, write out stickers with their names on, then stick it too them when they arrive. It also helps if you get the contact number for each parent if they are not staying (just in case you have a problem)

Keep it simple. Consider buying themed food boxes and fill them with a few sandwiches, fruit, bottled juice and chocolate bar. Then when the children have finished their food, they can pack all the rubbish back into the box, this makes setting up and cleaning up a breeze for you.

If you are having a Face Painter, then write a number on the back of each child's hand, this can be called out, so there is no needs for all the children to stand in a line waiting for their turn. They can join in and have fun for the full 2hr party.