We understand that children of nursery age are very complex characters who's attention span can be short. The Dozy Dave magic show offers a perfect mix of comedy magic and games, with a sprinkling of action dances.

We start our children's magic shows very quietly kneeling on the floor, so as not to frighten the children. Within a very short time the children's confidence grows and so the pace and volume of the show increases. If the event is a birthday party, then providing they wish to be the centre of attention, then we do everything to make sure they are.

If you have less than 8 children aged under 4 attending the party, then 30 minutes is a good option, although this is only available in selected areas as some of our entertainers will not do 30 minutes, so please ask. For groups of up to 15 ideally aged 4 years old then 1.5Hr shows are fine. If you have more than 15 children attending the party, then our full 2hr Show is ideal.

It is our opinion that the best time to have a birthday party for children aged 3 - 4 is around 11am - 1pm. The main reason is that the birthday child gets over excited and by mid afternoon, they can become tired and don't join in or enjoy the party as much. So by having your party earlier, your child is fresh and lively, they have more fun, plus the party fits perfectly around lunchtime.


How To Plan The Perfect Party For Younger Children.

Party starts at 11:30am

By 11:45 you can assume that all the children will have arrived. Also by now the entertainer is setting up for their show, so most of the children will be watching what they are doing, so this helps keep them entertained.

12pm the show starts.

12:55 the entertainer plays the happy birthday music for the birthday cake.

1pm the entertainer gets the children to sit-down for their party food. (It is best if you purchase novelty lunch boxes and place inside the food and drink. Keeps things quick and simple)

1:15 food is eaten and the children are running around. Just enough time for one game, before it is time to go home.

If you are going to play games, then I suggest that you buy a few bags of Maoams sweets. These are wrapped and you get enough to go around, so each child has a sweet and there are no tears.

(Please note that at younger children's parties, the parents will stay. So make sure you have enough room plus cups of tea and a sandwich is a nice touch.)